Our Expression Caskets

Expression Caskets are a refined rectangular shape and have more sophisticated design features than our coffins.

The caskets are available in all of the standard coffin designs or you can customise your own design—for something more special.

Our designs

Example of personalised Expression Casket with lid open showing fabric interior and pillow

Differences between an Expression Casket and an Expression Coffin

Caskets Coffins
Refined tiered lid
Attractive rectangular shape
High quality interior, with soft, comfortable fabrics.
Fabric fitted to the underside of the lid
Hinged lid for viewings
Unlimited design revisions

The Stockman Expression Casket

our team 6 people work on each casket

  1. Casket maker: will build the timber casket (trade qualified craftsman).
  2. Sealer: will apply a sealer by hand and sand the casket, ready for wrapping.
  3. Graphic designer: will create the design and the artwork proof.
  4. Image wrap technician: will print and wrap the casket with the artwork design.
  5. Trimmer: will trim and fit the interior fabrics and mattress into the casket.
  6. Delivery driver: our own driver will carefully deliver the casket to a funeral home of your choice – ready for the funeral.

White Roses Expression Casket

Personalisation—Customise Your Casket

Each handmade casket can be personalised to feature your special photos or imagery, your loved one’s name, dates, or selected verses.

You also have the option to have personal contact directly with one of our Graphic Designers.

You simply tell them your idea… and they’ll create a masterpiece worthy of your loved one.

Before you commit to the final design, your designer will send you a 3D proof for your approval.

You can do as many revisions of the design as you like… we want your design to be perfect.

Matching Ashes Urns & Ready–To–Hang Wall Pictures

Whilst you’re working with your designer on the casket, why not ask them to include a 3D proof of the matching ashes urn and the Ready–to–hang wall picture.

It’s free to see the proofs, and you’re not obliged to purchase them. Many people like to purchase these products as lasting keepsakes.

Example of a personalised Ashes Urn

Example of personalised Ready-to-hang wall picture


Example of personalised Expression Casket

On The Funeral Day What A Difference It Will Make

You’ll know you’ve made the right decision when you see the casket at the venue.

It will be elevated, at the front, for everyone to see. A perfect way to share your loved one’s life and to show the gathering just what they meant to you.

Choosing your Expression Casket, with its colourful images, will be one of the last meaningful things you can do for your loved one… and we’ll help you make it special.

Contact one of our funeral home suppliers to order your Expression casket today.

19 Casket Features

  1. Suitable for cremation or burial—radiata pine & MDF construction
  2. Designs available to match any of our coffin designs
  3. All caskets can be personalised/customised
  4. Unlimited design revisions
  5. High quality satin interior fabrics with mattress
  6. Full-length, hinged lid
  7. 6 clear acrylic handles
  8. 6 skilled people work on every casket
  9. Highest resolution images
  10. An Australian innovation
  11. Latex water–based inks
  12. Modern casket design
  13. Part of our Memorial Tree Program (You’ll receive a certificate with your casket to explain the reforestation and tree planting actions taken on your behalf.)
  14. Matching Ashes Urn available
  15. Matching Ready-To-Hang Wall Picture available
  16. Available in one size
  17. Internal casket size: L1920 x W550 x H325 (mm)
  18. External casket size: L2040 x W650 x H455 (mm) [Handles will add extra width]
  19. Empty casket weight: 31kg

Fresh Water River Expression Casket

Expression caskets Refined design features