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Why Expression Coffins?

A loving tribute

Expression Coffins are a unique way to celebrate a life lived. Each coffin is beautifully handmade by master craftsmen and wrapped in high quality imagery, utilising the latest eco-friendly technology. Expression Coffins are created  from plantation pine FibreBoard, which is a sustainable, renewable resource. Each coffin’s image-wrap is produced using environmentally-friendly, water-based inks and the technology has been recognised as an industry leader in environmental certifications and awards. Expression Coffins are suitable for burial or cremation.

Expression Coffins

Expression Coffins creates personalised, image-covered coffins. Choose from a range of existing designs or supply your own photographs that reflect your loved one’s personality, interests and joys experienced in life.

Ashton Manufacturing

Ashton Manufacturing, leaders in Australian coffin and casket supply since 1977, proudly bring you a colourful collection of custom picture coffins called Expression Coffins. Our Expression Coffins are beautifully handmade by our master craftsmen and wrapped in photographic quality images, using the latest eco-friendly technology. The richness of colour and vibrance of an Expression Coffin is truly stunning. Ashton Manufacturing is a sponsor of Australian peak funeral industry associations.

Thank you for helping our environment

Your purchase of an Expression Coffin contributes to reforestation of local environments. A proportion of your Expression Coffin purchase is donated to Men of the Trees (Qld) who are a non profit, non political, international society dedicated to the reforestation, maintenance and protection of trees in Australia.

Coffin with coastal pandanus theme design

Sustainable Resource. Nature friendly eco inks. Made in Australia.